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Grass is a procedural grass generator system. It comes in handy to anyone who needs to add vegetation to their scenes.

Infinite Variations

Being it 100% based on Geometry Nodes the system gives you full control over your lawns. With the slide of a Seed parameter, you get infinite random variations of the same grass or weed species.
No models, no image textures, everything is generated on the fly!

What's included

  • 12 grass species
  • 8 weeds species
  • 2 culling systems
  • 2 simulation systems

Physically Accurate

We studied grass down to the millimeter to reproduce real grass and weeds with accurate height and physically based materials.
From the dead grass on the ground, to the leaves, up to the different high stems.

Assets Ready

The assets are Asset Browser ready, meaning you get full integration with Blender.
It's as easy as drag and dropping them to your scene, we also provide 2 culling and 2 simulation systems.

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